Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daughter wearing the Burdastyle Theresa dress.

Just a closer look at the structure of the front of this dress.
 This dress came together very nicely. It was a free download on Burdastyle for a few days.  I am not sure if it is still free. It has seam allowances of 5/8ths included!  I would highly suggest that you cut the neckband's seam allowance to 1/4th or 3/8th width. I thought I would keep the 5/8ths and trim it.  It is really too narrow of a neckband to keep the 5/8th.  When you look at the dress on the model, her neckband looks wider than this one. I imagine, they just used a smaller SA on that one.  The directions state that all pattern pieces have the 5/8th SA included....just a word or warning.  For sizing, I cut a 34 everywhere but the waist.  At the waist, I tapered to a 36.  This corresponded to her measurements.  I think the fit came out surprisingly well considering it was a guess for this pattern.  I also underlined the entire dress because it was see through.
 I used 3 rows of gathering stitches because Colette told me so.  Here is the Colette Tutorial for gathering stitches. I really like how they turned out.
The only other pattern change that I made was the width of the skirt panels.I reduced the width by about 6 inches so that it would fit on the fabric. (24 inches total) This would have been a much fuller skirt.

That's about it.  Pretty simple, well thought out pattern that looks really sweet on my daughter.

Sewing hugs!



Burda ruffle instructions clarification:

  Ruffles: I folded one side's seam allowance to the back like a hem, stitched a zigzag at the very edge of the "hem" edge. I turned it over and cut off the excess fabric from that hem. Repeat for other ruffle. Do gathering stitches on the raw long edge of the ruffle like Colette in my blog above or zigzag stitch over some waxed floss without stitching through the floss and pull. Mark the very center of the bodice, top to bottom. Butt the raw gathered edges of the ruffle on this center line and make sure the ruffle extends or shortens to the length of the whole front piece of the bodice like the photo and pin then baste or use some 1/4 inch steam a seam to hold it to the front bodice fabric. Next, take your placket and fold and press the seam allowances on both long sides to the wrong side of placket. Place placket on top of ruffles, secure with pins or steam a seam. Edge stitch the placket in place.