Friday, July 27, 2012

Jalie 3130 modified

 I ordered a Hot Pattern blouse pattern because I loved the collar (Peter Pan). Since, I knew the Jalie 3130 fit me, I compared the two front pieces and the collar pieces and Jalie was definitely more curvey. I like curves at the waist, hips and collars. I eventually want to redraft Jalie's sleeve head because they are equal on both sides. Hot Patterns blouse pattern looks to have a good sleeve head. Also, Jalie has 3/8th seam allowances and I added a quarter to all parts that did not represent an enclosed seam because I wanted to try the shirt with flat fell seams.  I am not too happy with my beginning flat fell seams at the shoulders because they do not want to behave with such a small radius armhole curve (Jalie). French seams on the next shirt! The side seams did fine. The fabric is a very thin loose weave cotton plaid that I bought from Sew it up. It is almost like a seersucker in places. 

Peter pan collar, interfaced top and bottom and used the EZ shirt maker: see Etsy shop.

Another collar view.  I am so proud!

Finished shirt.

Pocket using the EZ Pocket template and the Dritz Ezy Hem: See Etsy shop about the EZ Pocket

I added a 2 inch wide band B4 sewn to the gathered edge of sleeve. Cut on the bias and in a super thin fabric, this sleeve needed to be contained with the band.

Me and the shirt.  It reminds me of Rosie the Riveter here (ha).

I am going to learn to make blouses! This has been a slimming top. (Yay!)
Collar reshaped

Seam allowances and larger placket in green.  I used my handy dandy SA Curve rulers for the extra seam allowances!

Here is the ironing template I made from cardboard for the placket.

Pic of the slight change I made to the collar pattern and the Hot Pattern shirt envelope.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Colette Iris Shorts

 I am on a roll with Colette patterns.  I made the Sorbetto and thought that I wanted to try more of her patterns.  I made these out of an indigo tencel fabric that I purchased at Super Steve's in Dallas.  It is really called Super Textiles near Harry Hines Blvd.  It is just a warehouse full of fabrics.  Steve is the owner and he is so much fun. 
I have over exposed these pics so that some of the details can be seen.

Sizing on this pattern: If you are between sizes, go with the larger size.
My hips were a size 6 and my belly was a size 10.  I just went with a size 8 with no grading and they were perfect.  I know that is weird, but a little tighter in the waist holds them up without elastic.
I changed the sewing order up some.  I attached the waist band and facings before I sewed the right side up.  It just makes for easy adjusting if needed. The instructions do not call for understitching.  Do understitch the pocket lining and the waist band.

 I love the inseam pockets on the front (not sides).  It is a slimming feature.
This is one of the first shorts patterns that I have enjoyed wearing right away.

((Sewing hugs))