Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ottobre Woman 2/2012 #15 Roberta Pants

Ottobre finally has an  elastic waist pant for wovens! I was so glad to see this pattern.  I was needing some quick to make pants that did not look like PJ's.  These are drafted for stretch wovens.  I have made them out of stretch denim, stretch linen/cotton (white) and stretch linen (khaki).  The only thing to do when tracing this pattern is to be sure to make the patterns taller at the waist in order to encase the elastic properly.  The directions say this, but who looks that closely on an elastic waist pant? I know you can not tell this from the photos, but these pants are very slimming (yay!!).  I bought this fabric from     SMF Fabric
out of Houston.  I bought the white and khaki linen from her and they are wonderful!  Believe it or not, but I have been so comfortable in these linen pants even in 97 degree weather here in Dallas.  This fabric would make great summer jeans too!


  1. These look great! Perfect for summer days.

  2. Nice. I'll have to make myself a pair when I get a chance.

  3. those look great - I need at least 3 pairs!

  4. Very nice! I have these traced, so it's good to see them made up.