Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ottobre 2/2013 Buttondown and 4th of July Coupon code

Nice simple blouse from Ottobre.

Armhole is a good size.

No alterations to the back or front.

And...the other armhole.

Well, this is just a nice well proportioned sleeveless button down.  I really like the front yoke shape and the just right armholes. I did shorten the length about 2 inches at the waist. I did not do a petite adjustment above the bust for this one. I usually do that for knits.  I made a size 38 and no FBA!  I have lost 10 pounds and I guess it came from up top.  The shorts are just some linen Thurlows that I just cut the pant pattern at the knee and hemmed.  The self inflicted problems that I had on this shirt are placing the front pocket too close to the placket.  This is a thin cotton floral shirt fabric from Fabrique and when I tried to remove the pocket the stitching was very prominent underneath. (Oh well..) I put that sucker back on just where it was!  I wish I had a close up of the pocket and collar. I used the templates and they are soooo nice.  I thought I would use three different seam allowances on this top and some of that was good and others not so.
I used 5/8ths SA on the sides with flat fell seams,
3/8tns SA on the yoke,
1/4 inch SA on the collar, collar stand, and pocket. I should have done 3/8ths on the collar and stand because I think I just needed a little extra room.  There is a portion of my under collar that is not holding so well with the tiny SA, at least it is not noticeable. 
The one major change that I did with this pattern is I used 2 yoke pieces so that I could enclose the seams.
Be sure to check out my slideshows of the templates in use.....

I almost forgot!  If anyone is interested in my rulers or templates from the Etsy shop I am doing a 20% off through July 4th.  It is INDEPENDENCE20

Sewing hugs to you!



  1. Great placement of the floral design on this shirt - it looks a winner!

    1. Thanks Judith! I am better with flowers than plaids (ha).

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Shanniloves! It was a fun top to make.

  3. What an adorable summer top, and that fabric! Too cute...

  4. Thanks Dorcas! I love it mostly because I feel naked when I wear it in this heat (ha).

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