Monday, May 23, 2011

Kwik Sew 3617

I made this tshirt for my mom.  I have now made this pattern 3 times and I have some changes to this pattern that may help out. It is a nice fitting t-shirt.  It is not too tight around the mid section.  This shirt is an XL and it is on a M dressform.  This is why it looks a bit baggy.  Mom would not stay still long enough to get a pic while she was wearing it.  Also, the shoulders in this pattern run biggish. The main changes/additions to the pattern directions that I recommend have to do with the neckband.
Pattern Step 2: Oh my gosh! Do not overcast the outeredge unless you like to see it growwwww. We'll fix that in step 6.
Step 4: The zig zag stitch is a much nicer understitch than a straight stitch.
Step 5: Use the 1/4" steam a seam (SAS) on the shoulders.  The fabric will play so much nicer when you stitch these parts together.
Step 6: Pin with the non-interfaced side on top....Believe me it is much easier! Also mark the neckband CF and CB as well as the body front and back.
Most important:  Press band seam allowances to the body, NOT the neckband.  The finished product is much smoother this way.  I SAS the seam allowances of the band layers together on the inside so that I can serge them. (Try not to catch the body in the stitching.)  Then I top stitch the neck band down.  On this tee, I used a zig zag because I think that is cute.

Overall, a nice top!

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