Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Twinkle Sews: Love in the Afternoon

This pattern is from the book Twinkle Sews. I have no idea why I have made something called Love in the Afternoon for my 15 yo daughter.

This picture is of my "muslin".  My dd does not like pink and boy do I have alot of pink fabric from when she did love pink.  The dark pink is a denim and it is too heavy of a fabric for this pattern.

I eventually cut about 10 inches off the length because dd prefered this as a tunic instead of a dress.

 This fabric folding is not what the book explained it is something that I made up because my not so nimble brain could not figure out what Twinkle did.

This is the non-muslin.  I did not make this two layers like the pattern calls for because it is not possible to wear this top with any modesty without a cami underneath. So one layer is plenty with a cami and being in Texas. In fact, for more breezy comfort, Niki Biki makes a bandeau cami that is perfect under tops in the summers.

I wish this was not blurry because the origami is really cute the second time around.

She adores this top and wears it all of the time.


  1. I am so glad to see this! I bought the book and my little brain couldn't handle the origami......

  2. I have all but finished the bust section of this project (dress/tunic)…any helpful tips you can give?

  3. Very cute!! I bought the book but am still too intimidated to try this pattern!

  4. Adorable but way too much for my pea brain...

    1. Too funny! My daughter can talk me into almost anything. It did take an awful long time to make this.