Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ottobre Woman 2-2011 Trento top

I really like this pattern! Mostly because it was very flattering without a lot of work.  The links to the tissue fitting are on my pattern review.  Marcy Tilton has a super quick method of doing  a FBA on knits. I use a 3/8ths inch SA on all my knits because it fits under the presser foot perfectly and I like to to trim a little when I use my serger. 

I bound the neckline after I cut my SA off. Before I started, I fused a 1/2 inch knit interfacing strip I bought from SewKeys around the neckline. I used their straight stay tape (fusible) on the shoulders instead of the elastic that was recommended. I forgot to dart out some of the fabric around the armhole like Marcy Tilton does so I made the same dart in the fabric and fixed my pattern for next time. Steam a seam (1/4 inch lite) really helps hold the back of the bound neckband down on the inside before you stitch in the ditch and it never gums up my needle. I put in sleeves on thin knits with it too because it makes the armhole so precise and adds just a little stability to the fabric. Oh! I did not bind the sleeves like they recommended. I just hemmed with my coverstitch. This fabric was almost too thin for my coverstitch machine. I would have done better with a strip of interfacing and a twin needle finish.

This may have become my TNT. I can't be for sure until I try this neckline with a ribbing finish.  Gotta run, kids are getting impatient!

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  1. It looks nice. I don't recall that pattern perhaps I should go back and give it another look