Sunday, January 15, 2012

 It has been forever since I have posted something that I have made.  The fall holidays were so busy with birthdays and a few unforeseen events.  Anyhoo, this is the new Jalie button down blouse.  I made it out of corduroy to have a layering top.  So when I cut it out per my measurements, I added 1/8th inch to the side seams and sleeves for the heavier fabric. I am not sure that was absolutely necessary. I have been reading David Coffin's book on shirt making  so I used his ideas about shaping the collar, not necessarily his steps yet. Basically, you pull the inner collar stand and the under collar (starting at the center) tighter as you sew, in order for those pieces to be longer than their counterparts. I was able to pull those pieces 1/8th inch farther, then I just trimmed the excess and continued to sew around the ends. The stretched piece pulled its' outer piece just a little inward giving it a nice shape.
The pattern changes that I did for this Jalie was moving the bust dart up 1/2 inch and I did not do the sleeve carriers.
 I think the back is a little baggy.  I may try to fit this better next time.

Here I am with my semi-naked man statue in the back yard.

I really like this pattern. I made my daughter the same top in a much smaller size.  I'll post those pics soon!

Take care,



  1. Great looking blouse! I love the corduroy, great for layering. Nice to have you back.

  2. Super work on this one, I think it fits perfectly. Great shot with the 'man'...

  3. Is this one of Jalie's recently released patterns? It's a great looking shirt - I have some corduroy pegged for an overshirt, too.

    1. Hi Joy,
      It is one of Jalie's recent patterns! It works really well with minimal alterations.