Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ottobre 5/2011 Violet Rose top

Well, this was suppose to be for me.  I had cut it all out when my daughter declared that the rock'n'roll print would be a problem on someone my age. :(  I think she just wanted it for herself...haha.  So instead of waiting to get the call from "What Not to Wear." I recut this down to a size 34 instead of the 38. I'll have to make that sequined mini skirt for myself and go pick her up from the homeschool coop.  : o )

The biggest change I made was cutting the sleeves into a cap sleeve silhouette. She suggested that we turn this into a dress by adding a 3-4 inch band at the bottom.  We toyed around with some scraps and I do believe it would make an adorable dress too. 

Some of the sewing changes I made: I gathered between the arrows by zigzagging over some dental floss.  I started to try it the Ottobre way with clear elastic but my machine kept eating it. Instead of persevering, I just did the old TNT way.  I interfaced the neckline front and back with Sew Keyes' knit fusible tape. The outer yoke is with a medium weight rib type knit. So, I used a thinner black jersey for the inside lining. I thought it would be too thick if I used the stripe on both sides.  I did not finish the bottom edge of the yoke with a serger because I figured it would grow too much. When I completed both sides of the yoke, the neckline wanted to bag out a little in the front and back.  I fixed this with a 1/4 inch top stitch around the neck.
That's about it!  It was pretty simple little top to make.


  1. Gorgeous job! I think your DD may have convinced you in order to keep this one for herself. lol. Looks great on her!

  2. Neat looking top! I like the combo of fabrics and the style. Hmmm...I guess I don't have this issue of Otto...

  3. What a great top!
    I found your blog via flickr and as I've just started to venture into the foreign land of making clothes I'm find all your information priceless.