Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Corset Belt

The corset belt from an old Burda magazine.  I was going to teach my daughter how to sew and this is what she picked out.  I went ahead and finished it because her hands hurt to cut out anything, even paper. It was a quick and fun little project. I traced 3/8th inch seam allowances with my handy-dandy seam allowance ruler. I used bits and pieces from denim and upholstry fabrics. I sewed the fabrics of  various widths together. Then, I just put the pattern pieces on this pieced together fabric and cut them out. We did add some red piping between the two front pieces.  It needed some color. The outer fabric is interfaced with a medium woven fusible.  It is also lined with a Bemberg type lining. The 3 ribbons on each side are attached in the back and then just pulled to the front and tied in a bow. The only adjustment I made was to cut off  3/8ths of an inch from the lower edge.  It was just a wee bit too wide for her small frame. Plus, I told her it would look like a small apron if I did not do something about its size (ha).  We both think that it would look really cute with a simple dress. Next one, I will probably add some boning in the back where the ribbons attach or maybe some heavy interfacing at the ends.
I guess this is why I like sewing for my daughter. At 16, she always has an oddball project she dreams up  that somehow seems to look pretty cute on her.

Hugs and smooches from me to you!



  1. I love that! I also love your blog. :) You make me want to make everything you do! LOL Having 2 girls, I can see them wanting this one day.

    1. Thanks Shirley Ann! Girls are so fun to sew for.