Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Onion pants 4022

This is a loose fitting pant similar to a groovy sweatpant but made with a woven. It comes in capri and ankle length. I made the ankle length for my daughter. There is also version on this pattern that has seams that run down the middle of the front and back. When I make this for myself, I think I will add the center seams because it looks slimming and I need all the help I can get!
Onion 4022 pants

I love the pockets and the knit waistband with a woven. I used a tencel fabric which is very unstable and harder to sew, but the sheen, softness and pressability is wonderful. Tencel really shows starch, so that was not a good option prior to cutting out. Just a note: I made the longest version and my daughter is just under 5'3". Tall girls/women may need to lengthen this pattern.

One of the benefits to using the European patterns besides fabulous designs and drafting is customizing the seam allowances.  You can add wider sa's to the side seams for fitting issues and narrower sa's for tricky areas like a collar. You can also cut out templates and interfacing without seam allowances. I also find less problems with fit than many of the American patterns.


A note on pockets:  I did not gather the curved corners of the pockets per their instructions, instead I made templates out of comic cardboard and pressed around them. Comic cardboard is stiffer than manila folders but still thin. I use it to wrap fabric around like a mini-bolt too. To make the template, I use a needle tracer and just traced the pockets sans seam allowances, cut out and voila! a template.

Thanks for looking and sewing hugs to you!

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  1. Your young model looks really cute in these better-than-sweatpants.