Sunday, September 11, 2011

Onion Jacket 1040 with my Burda Style top. I made the longer version. One of the views hits at the waist

On the Onion site I saw their version of this pattern and I had to have it.  The link is the Onion jacket that was my inspiration.
To no avail, I could not find a similar fabric.  I decided this fabric would do because its reverse side is very cute.
What I really like about this pattern is not only is it very well drafted but it lends itself to some very interesting variations.  The contrast was accomplished by applying the facings to the outside.  There was a notched out section of the front facing that I trimmed flush with the rest of it. To accomplish the facing to the outside trick, all you have to do is put the seam allowances at the neck to the outside instead of the inside.  When you attach the facing to the front, it will enclose those seam allowances.
                                          Stanzy, my kitten helper.

 Here is the notched out part of the facing that I trimmed in order to have a smooth line. That does not sound right.  This is the facing with the notch. After I cut out the fabric, I trimmed that portion away.
This is the front piece that wraps around the neck and the front side piece. I do not make princess seam anythings very often, so here is a tip because I seem to forget it and have to rip out and redo.  When joining the above pieces be sure the top tip of the side piece extends by the length of its seam allowance when you pin it.  Then it is perfectly matched when you open it up to press.  With 3/8ths seam allowances and relatively loosely woven fabric and good pressing, I did not need to clip the curves.  This just makes it prettier on the inside..

Just a picture of what I am talking about above.

This was a very simple pattern. It is unlined and unstructured. I was fairly certain about the sizing so I made my typical 38 with 3/8ths seam allowance. They recommend 1 cm which is approximately the same as 3/8ths. The princess seams and the center back could be made with a wider seam allowances for lots of adjusting opportunities.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. It turned out really well. I have a few onion patterns myself. I've only got a few simple things because onion instructions are scant in English. I've never considered a jacket. Your's looks great!