Friday, July 15, 2011

How to put on a knit neckband without measuring!

I have been trying to locate a video that describes how to put on a neckband without actually measuring the opening or the band.  Much to my dismay, I can not locate this lovely video. So, I have attempted to recreate how she showed me ages ago how to do this.  It is a super quick method and my neckbands always come out hugging the neck.  It is way easier than measuring everything under the sun, subtracting a percentage, sewing it in the round and then pinning it in fourths.  That just exhausts me, saying all of that.  I am only a patient sewer if the tediousness produces really good results.  Here is the video and the final steps, I will show you in the pictures.  I am not much of a video person and my daughter (camera woman) is cheap help (ha)...bear with me. Tip:  Click on the pics for a close up.
The video ends when I have the neckband pinned. This pic is the sewn neckband. I sewed the neckband together at the ends and to the opening with a 3/8th width seam allowance. You can use a lightening stitch (tiny zig zag) to attach it.  I used a regular straight stitch. I do not usually have popped seams for some reason. I stretched the band to fit the neck opening between pins making sure to match the edges up well.

Here is a close up of the tiny dart I used to make the v neck.  If the dart is too bulky, just cut it on the fold so that it lays flat when pressed.

I cleaned up the edges with a serger (optional step).

Pressed, but do not leave it this way.  The seam allowances need to be sewn down.

I sewed the seam allowance down with a zig zag stitch. A double needle stitch, a cover stitch or another decorative stitch works well too. No gaping!

Shoulder is well hugged!

Back of neck is also well hugged!

((Sewing hugs from me to you!))


  1. Thanks for the helpful video! I've never actually thought about distributing the stretch differently along the neckline depending on the curve. I've also not done a v-neck in the round before.

  2. It looks so easy when you do it ;-) I will certainly try this method, thank you for taking the time to make the video and pictures.

  3. Nice finishing off and love the video. I have just discovered I can make tee shirts better than the bought ones so this was really interesting.

  4. I can't wait to get home to try this! thanks!

  5. Beautiful job!! I have a question about your last step. You said you used a zig zag to stitch down the seam allowance, but it looks like a single top stitch. Is there a way of doing it so it doesn't look like Vs?

    1. I am usually not so long to reply to something but I forgot that my comments came on the blog and not just the You Tube site. Anyhoo, You can really use any stitch you want to. I vary this stitch all the time or I just coverstitch it. It is nice if the top stitch has some built in stretch if the neck opening is smallish. Many times I have just used a straight stitch too.

  6. Great tip - I can't wait to use this!!!!