Monday, July 11, 2011

Kwik Sew 3120

I am just messing around with a Kwik Sew pattern (3120).  I can't decide if I like all of these ruffles or not.  After I gathered 1 inch wide strips of knit, I applied them in 3 rows with a zigzag stitch. Before I pressed them with a steam iron, they were way too fluffy for me.  My 15 yo daughter says that this is a cute top but it reminds here of a clown ruff.  I am thinking that is a weanie bit rough for a reasonably cute top.     I used the June Tailor Shape Cut to make the strips. You can slide this strip cutter across the length of fabric and make a variety of strip sizes.  It is a whole lot morestable to use than a ruler and rotary cutter.                                                                                        


  1. Welcome to blogland! I like the top and the ruffles. You have made some really cute tops!

  2. I like it! The ruffles and placement are very tasteful. I don't identify as a ruffly person, but they've been growing on me...

  3. I think it looks great on you! And ruffles are in :-)