Monday, July 25, 2011

Lisette Pants...Simplicity 0450

I like how well these fit without any fit adjustments at all....weird. Burda is usually the only pattern company that I do not do many fit changes.From the photos, I can see where I could tweak, but I am really pretty OK with them right now. The instructions for the lapped zipper needs some improvement. Next time, I will do an invisible zipper or pull out my handy Reader's Digest sewing manual and just follow their instructions for a lapped zipper. Overall, this is a great little pant pattern.

This is the template that I made for the tabs.I just copied the tab pattern less the 3/8ths seam allowance onto a thin piece of cardboard that I got from a Comic store. Then I shoved it into my sewn tab, straightened it up a bit and ironed away.

If you do not have a button attaching foot, you must run out now and get one.  It is one of my all time favorite sewing feet!!! I used the edge joining foot to do my top stitching.  I use it to line up and then I off set my needle. Most of the construction is done with the straight stitch foot. 

Top: Seam roll for pant legs (I love this thing). Next is the flame that I burn the top of my zipper tape to seal the edges.  The little plier things help me squeeze the zipper stops on to the zipper. I just had a roll of zipper tape hanging around. Besides the feet, the rest of the notions  are Steam a Seam, 5/8ths SA Curve to remove the seam allowance on the curved waist facing, measuring gauge, double sided tape, etc..etc...

Measuring the 5/8ths seam allowance before it was cut off.

I have this thing about bulk in the seams.  I just have to remove what makes sense.  Here the center seam is angled back for bulk reducing operations.

Waist facing steam a seamed on the inside of the pants before I did the top stitching.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Interesting post-I loved looking at all the notions. I tend toward the minimalist, but have made some notes on things I must buy.

  2. Thanks Mary! I am a notions junky. I am sure they were created by someone who likes to sew and knows how to make my life easier!

  3. These are really great pants! I don't know if I've seen anyone make the pants from this pattern yet. I really like the waistband and the cute buttoned tabs. The fit looks perfect!

  4. Your pants are really cute! I've enjoyed sewing Oliver+s patterns for my little girls. I believe the same lady is behind both.
    You have a lovely new blog. I am so glad to find it.
    I especially appreciate your tutorial on attaching a knit neckline.

  5. Thanks Karin and Joy! I was pleasantly surprised at how well these pants went together.

  6. I'm so glad you reviewed these! I am a little scared of the pattern- so I'll have Readers Digest and your blog on standby!

  7. Would you be in the market to sell this pattern? Been looking for this top that goes with this pattern.